In studying a branch of physics one must be well-versed in the concepts involved in that branch. - Author: Kay Morgan


We must understand the concepts of physics, know the importance of them, and how to use them. It is good to learn how these concepts are related to each other. The interrelationships in physics are essential to understand more than the concepts themselves in some areas.

There are some concepts involved in mechanics, a part of physics. There are no more than a dozen of concepts involving in mechanics . This includes the derived concepts such as velocity and acceleration.

Momentum is a concept in mechanics. Energy is another fundamental concept. Energy is fundamental concept not only in physics but also in the entire science area. There are different forms of energy. Mechanical energy, heat energy, light energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy and so on.

In this section, I am going to discuss only mechanical energy. Before going into energy, first we will review work. The concept of work is related to energy and that is why we need to learn this concept first.

Work, Energy and Power

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