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Evolution is nothing but a process. Different kinds of organisms have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the life of earth. This process was first published by Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882).

The society of humans is difficult to deal with. People do not believe each other. There must always have a proof between people to believe each other. However, it is easier for people to believe in nature that cannot be perceived within the boundaries of human capabilities and properties. Evolution has passed the time of arguments and difficulties and it now has been though not entirely accepted. One thing we must learn in this world is to believe in each other rather than believe in unseen natures. There must be some unseen natures that we are not aware of with the present technology or intelligence capability. A lot of the things in the world should be other way around. We should support each other when a human or a person in a physical status puts effort, intelligence, and diligence to do better for the society because those kind of people are rare where the world is filled mostly with self serving humans who care nothing but themselves and their families. It is not because that they do not want to do better for the society but just that the systems of this world in most of the countries have put constraints in daily life of the society. These constraints are various struggles for living, or in a biological term - survival. Most of the people are occupied with tasks of living and this greatly takes away the effort, power, motivation, imagination, innocence, and sincerity in most of the cases. This is another reason why we should support those who has voluntarily put efforts in writing some findings they have come across or succeeded in their occupation or life. Mostly in science field, money does not grow in the trees and it takes a long time for some papers to be published and distributed. This is not 100% smooth. It usually comes with a lot of barriers in society. As a member of the science society, though it is not a perfect society, one that is with tremendous problems just like in any other society, we would like to at least tell the public to see science as it is and the only way to know it what it is is to study it for yourself. It is hard even for a scientist in a field to know everything, but if one tries, there is a great value to oneself, and to the world. Most people cannot try so the best way is to ride on the knowledge that has already been found and distributed. Not all components of knowledge are reliable but it is up to one’s intelligence the knowledge can be filtered and to do this filtration, one again needs to first learn and educate one self. This is one reason why education is important and parents, teachers, and others regardless of what is going on in the country and in the family, the children must receive education in the best time of life which is generally the first 25 years, in some cases longer.

Knowing evolution which is the process of how organisms have developed and diversified from earlier forms is not against God or any other religion. The fact that you and I exists, the fact that the world exists, the fact that the universe exists, is more than enough to prove God exists. Evolution however is a tiny process with which organisms on the earth have developed and diversified in other words, created and diversified. If we believe in God and he is the most powerful and the whole, why is it so hard for us to accept one tiny process which obviously under his power in this universe. There should never be an argument. However, there were arguments. So, let’s totally stop fighting each other over a small thing. Instead, combine and make use of it.

God says we are all his children, in which we is not equal to only humans but everything anything that is living. Evolution says all organisms have branched from earlier organisms, then all organisms are related, just like brothers and sisters, though cross species, all are related in a big family. This is the same as what God says, we are all his children. So why some of us are rejecting evolution which obviously proves God’s words in the holy bible.


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