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The branch of biology that studies heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics is called genetics.

In genetics, it is most essential to notice the fact that organisms in the same species are different, thus variation exists. These variations are of inherited characteristics passed from one generation to another. Variation is not passed from generation to generation but characters are passed from generation to generation. Again, each character appears different in each individual belonging to the species of interest. Some educators use methods to give example in terms of common knowledge but we think that these examples can mislead many students. We have developed to write in a scientific way without giving examples with commonly known objects in the real life. This is because these objects may be familiar to our knowledge but the may not be able to fit into a complicated processes life bears. Therefore it is not resonable and fit to use commonly known objects to replace scientific knowledge. Science is best understood if it is learned in the scientific way and it is with low level of misconceptions. In genetics, heredity which is a passing on of characteristics in the form of genes is studied in many different organisms that technology and facility can afford. In fact, genes are nothing but a particular package of the structures of chemical atoms and molecules. In science, we usually define a package of chemical compounds giving rise to a complex structure a specific name. Here in genetics, the gene is nothing but a particular chemical structure which is biological with mostly carbon, and it is flexible to interact, attract, and retract. Again, every time a chemical structure is capable of flexibility in reactions, they usually create some properties. Genes have properties, their properties are nothing but the way their chemical molecules composing the genes are ordered and structured. Differences in these micro orders and structures on the inside give rise to characteristics that can be observed in an organism of interest on the outside. The entire processes of genetics are not yet known but we will teach you all that has been studied and proved at this public learning center.