Pieces are gently assembled. The toilet softly takes its shape. It is in this same mold that they will later color the clay.


Then they install tensioning straps. Little blocks are inserted between the mold and the strap to increase the tension. The mold will soon be filled with liquid, and they thus prevent any distortion.


Here a new recipe is being prepared. This time it’s a slurry, a composite of clay and silicone. This preparation is spread out over 48 hours. Now they install the core, the upper part of the mold.


They can now proceed with the filling. This copper distribution pipe connected to the tank containing the slurry permits the filling of several molds at a time.


They need about 45 pounds of the mix per bowl mold. After an hour, the slurry has attained a thickness of 4/10 of an inch.



The plug is pulled to allow the excess slurry to run out. They can now unmold the still-fragile piece.