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Integer is a number that is complete in itself and never a fraction. Integers include all negative numbers, zero, and all positive numbers.

etc. , -3 , -2 , -1 , 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , etc.

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In mathematics, Arithmetic is one of the essentials. It explains integers, fractions, and decimals. The integers and its basic arithmetic operations and properties are introduced in this integer section. We have developed the basics and you must learn to get the basics that are the foundations of every mathematical knowledge you might build upon. The integers are the numbers. They can be positive, zero, or negatives. The negative integers are smaller than zero integer and positive integers. Here in this integer section, there is explanation of factors, divisors, multiples, and their least and greatest common numbers. How the division of integers work is explained in this integer section. The way to guess in quotients, divisors, and remainder problems. The even and odd integers are required to know for most of the standardized tests and also tests in school. The quotient, remainder equation is explained along with the prime numbers and prime factorization.

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