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    DNA Pot does not gather information of customers and users. The only information DNA Pot receives is the user’s conscious submission of the point of contact and user’s selected forms provided by the DNA Pot on all websites created by DNA Pot Team. Once a user has joined DNA Pot as a member, the user has agreed to receive emails, newsletters, and forms generated by DNA Pot. DNA Pot affiliates with Google, Inc and thus Google has power to gather information as stated in their privacy. Refer Google, Inc privacy for further interest. DNA Pot has rights to store any data provided by the user on any websites developed by DNA Pot Team.


    The products, and services offered by DNA Pot is final upon the completion of the sales on DNA Pot Websites, and affiliated Websites. However, the partner websites shall go along with their terms and conditions as provided in their websites. All sales on DNA Pot websites are final. DNA Pot has no return policy.


    The main contact to DNA Pot is email. Though we provide our physical address, DNA Pot will not respond to any inquire made via mail. Please send an initial email for all inquires and interests. DNA Pot will then contact you and channel you with further information to the second level point of contact.


    DNA Pot occasionally offer internships and job opportunities through Colleges and Universities. Please contact career and counseling centers at your school for further information provided if the school is on DNA Pot recruiting list. Third parties employment websites are not affiliations of DNA Pot.

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