Hypothesis Tests


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Steps in the hypothesis test

Step 1

State the null hypothesis

Step 2

State the alternative hypothesis

Step 3

Assign an appropriate value of significance α

Common Values: 0.01 (1%), 0.05 (5%), and 0.10 (10%)

Step 4

Determine a suitable test statistic

The parameter under investigation is used as test statistic

Step 5

Determine the probability distribution in the test statistic

Step 6

Locate all rejection region and find the critical point

The location of rejection region depends on the alternative hypothesis.

Step 7

Find the critical point

The critical point depends on the value assigned to size of the rejection region or the level of significance which is type I error probability α

Step 8

Calculate the test statistic

Take a random sample from a population in question, calculate the value of the test statistic.

Step 9

Make decision

Determine whether it falls in the rejection region. If it falls in the rejection region, we reject the null hypothesis. If it doesn’t fall in the rejection region, keep it.