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A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, esp. as determining the position of one point in space relative to another, is called a vector in Mathematics & Physics.

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Motion is the cause of all changes. Everyday, all living things as well as nonliving things are in motion, micro to enormous motion, because everything in the known universe is subjected to change. Motion is one of the creating forces in the known universe that practically gives rise to phenomena, matters, and properties  in nature infinitely and spontaneously. An example is the seasons on earth or on other planets are due to earth or the other planets moving around the sun along a path which seems definite for billion of years but again subjected to change. Micro motion is usually trivially occurring though tremendously powerful because such motion exists internally in living things and nonliving things. Micro motion creates infinite phenomena in the living bodies and nonliving things. One example of micro motion is the cause of changes in humans for example such as aging.

Motion in living things and nonliving things can be noticed and neglected by living things. Wind and its effects are caused by the motion of air. The growth of crops consumed by men and animals depends on the motion of water, air, and other elements used by these crops. Products are made because of motion and are transported from place to place because of motion. Without motion, this known universe will never be known, and we would never be existed. Motion can be stopped and interrupted. It can be accelerated, and decelerated. Again, many properties, phenomena, and matters are produced when motion happens, changes, and stops. For example, when the net motion of things in a body stops, the body is in a state called death.

Vectors are important because it is a quantity that can describe a direction and magnitude. Without this quantity, it is difficult to describe the motion. When scientists studied motion, it became necessary to have vector to fulfill its explanation.  We now agree when a body is in motion there is a change in something called position. This change in position happens along a certain direction. The change of position along a certain direction is called displacement. This is where we need to come up with a quantity that describes a direction and a magnitude. Displacement bears a direction and a magnitude. The change of position gives distance of some units e.g. 1.5 m and the change of position also gives a direction e.g. to the west from current location. Displacement can be called a vector. This is because displacement is a quantity that bears a direction and a magnitude. There are other quantities which bear a direction and magnitude.

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